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Seminar Internasional

In 15th November 2014, Universitas Ngurah Rai was organized Care About Risk and Environment (CARE) 2nd International Conference which "Risk Reduction with Enviromental Management" as a topic. The International Conference participant came form four country (Italy, USA, Japan and Indonesia).
The keynote speaker in this conference:

  1. Professor Paola Rizzi (Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning, University of Sassari, Italy) presented "Urban Gaming Simulation as a Risk Communication Medium".
  2. Popo Danes (Architecture Consultant, owner Popo Danes Architecture Consultant) presented "Bali, The Lost Paradise".
  3. Brett Andrews Hendricks (Green School Primary Green Studies Teacher) presented "Ecological Literacy as Risk Reduction: The Role of Education in the Age of Climate Change and Intensified Natural Disaster".
  4. I Nyoman Sucipta (Professor at Udayana University) presented "Biomechanical Trauma"

The participant in this conference:

  1. Ayaka Honda and Hidehiko Kanegae : "Estimation On A Customer's Add Value Of The Enviromental Friendly Agricultural Product By Internet Survey About Willingness To Buy"
  2. Ni Made Ras Amanda G.S : The Effectiveness Of Disaster Information and Communication System For Disaster-Prone Areas In Bali"
  3. Bambang Kusbandrijo : "Policy Implementation Analysis of Sand and Stone For Infrastucture (Galian C) in Ponorogo Regency, East Java"
  4. I Ketut Prama Budarta : "Aplication of Biopori and Conservation Plants by Communities to Reduce Flood and Landslide (Case Study on Betel River in Karangasem Regency)"
  5. Bandiyah : "Build Synergies and Participation Sarbagita Waste Management Efforts"
  6. Putu Doddy Heka Ardana : "Drought Disaster Forecasting Based on Rainfall Runoff Transformation Modelling (Case Studies in Tukad Petanu Watershed)"
  7. Nyoman Suartha : "The Impacts of Natural Stones Resource Utilitaztion in Supporting Tourism Needs and Local Wisdom in The Province Bali"
  8. Kohei Sakai, Ayaka Honda, Siriluk Mongkonkerd, Yusuke Toyoda and Hidehiko Kanegae : "A Study On Evacuation Intention of Tourists Considering Multicriteria Decision Making From Viewpoints of Tourism Styles and Attributes"
  9. I Gusti Agung Alit Suryawati : "Preservation of Local Culture in Modernization Mosaic Bali Future Development"
  10. I Wayan Karyawan : "Study on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Flux in The Indian Ocean Using Satellite"
  11. I Nyoman Prabu Rumiartha : "Seven of Disasters Risk Management Policy and Enviromental"
  12. I Wayan Kandi Wijaya : "Development and Enviromental Management In Indonesia Approach To Social and Religious (Case Study in Bali)"
  13. Yudistira Adnyana : "Analysis of The Implementation of Enviromental Policy In Bali"
  14. Ni Putu Tirka Widanti, Achluddin Ibnu Rochim, Nyoman Diah Dewi Utari : "Contribution Aspects In The Policy of Natural Disaster Management in Indonesia"
  15. Gede Wirata : "Study of Traditional Enviromental Values and Deep Ecology In The Perspective of Social Ecology"